All you need to know about solar panel installations

Producing electricity from solar panels is great for the environment and can also save one a great deal of money. It will also protect you from the ever rising electricity bills. The decision to introduce solar panels into your homestead can be a tasking one. It can be a nerve racking, to say the least, when you happen to never have seen how it’s usually done. This article will briefly discuss solar panel installation Houston procedures so as to give you some insight on how everything is done.

Before we talk more on how installation process goes, let’s first take a look on how solar panel works. Solar photo voltaic panels produce electricity during daylight hours. Light from the sun hits the voltaic cells and is changed into electricity. Conducting wires will then carry those electrical currents from the panels to the inverter box and then finally into your home. When there’s light outside and you turn your electrical gadgets on they will be powered by the electricity being produced by your solar panels. Any excess electricity, in most cases, will usually be transported back to the national grid. If you use your panels when they aren’t generating electricity then you will be using electricity generated from the national grid as per usual.
Before the solar panel installation process can fully begin. You will have to arrange for a survey with a recognized solar panel installation company . The number of solar panels you decide to put on your roof will largely depend on a these factors:-
– size of roof
– the direction the roof is facing
– the amount of electricity you may want to generate, and
– how much you want to spend.
The installation is usually done in stages. The whole process can take only one day, depending on how big the system is. The process is actually far from complicated.
Before the installation company gets to the site they should have already surveyed it so as to get a detailed plan of what they intend to do on your roof.
When they arrive, if they need to put scaffold towers up then they’ll proceed to do at this stage.
The next phase will be to mark and set out the array of the roof. This entails taking the dimensions present, finding the rafters, lifting tiles and set out locations as to where they will actually insert the roof hooks.
In this phase of the solar panel installation Houston process, the company involved will then lift the tiles up, proceed to finding the rafters and then install the roof hooks on to your rafters. The tiles will then sit back down and wait to be weathered, if found necessary. That will go on all the way across the roof to create channels of parallel lines of roof hooks.
The rails are then bolted onto your roof hooks and when they are fully secured and in position the solar panels themselves can then be installed on to the inserted rails.
A wide majority of roofs in Houston are perfectly able to take this sort of panels. They need, of course, to face the correct way. North facing roofs are rarely conducive to solar panel installations. Most times installation companies are looking for your roof to be facing from east to west .
One of the many concerns most people have when installing solar panels is that it will likely damage roof. This, however, is far from accurate. If the right bolts are used on the roof of your building and the solar installation company you chose handled its business professionally, then your roof should be weather-proofed. The currents from your newly installed solar panels will then be transported into the inverter box in your house and this box will then proceed with converting your direct currents into alternating currents, which happen to be much safer for you and your family at large. Solar panels really are the way of the future. Help save money and the earth by going the solar energy route.